Corgi Taco

Hi! My name is Corgi Taco and I'm a 19 year old Minecraft Mod Developer and have been developing mods since December 2019! The most notable mods I've worked on include Oh The Biomes You'll Go, Cubic Chunks, & Enhanced Celestials! Below are links to my mods, socials, and more!

Minecraft Mod Commissions

Commission Status: Closed

Supported Version(s): 1.16.X and major modding versions above(1.16 & 1.18 at the time of writing)

Since Minecraft mods are complex bits of code and vary vastly, the cost is to be negotiated via discord DMs.
Mention me first in my discord and let me know you want a commission prior to sending a friend request!

What I will do:
-Port a mod of your choice to a supported MC version
-Port a mod to the mod loader of your choice
-Create a new mod.(Personal mods that are for private use, receive an additional fee due to missed out ad revenue).

What I won't do:
-Violate a given mod's license/copyright.
-Port a mod containing offensive material.
-Port or create a mod to below 1.16.5.
-Create assets(textures, models, any other visuals) as I am not an artist.


Here you'll find in more depth information about me including my interests, turn offs, and what to expect from me.

20 | Pansexual

-Modding Java Minecraft
-Grindy games like Ark Survival Evolved or Satisfactory
-FPS & Fast Paced games(I am very picky)
-Anthro artwork(furry?)
-Marvel movies
-Harry potter movies
-Upbeat music

Do not interact if you are:
-Entitled(ie "Update mod to 1.18 or I'll delete your mod."

What to expect from me
-Caring, I don't like to see those close to me struggling.
-Energetic, I lowk have loads of chaotic energy if I'm having a better day.-Socializing in public chat rooms, I'm not much of a dming person unless I'm close with you. Being close with me is not something easy to achieve as I'm picky.-Forgiving, I'm mostly a forgiving person and won't simply throw you away because you made a mistake. I more than likely won't block you, blocking just barricades any opportunity for a relationship to be fixed. So just know if I haven't blocked you, I am still open to the idea of fixing our relationship. If you're a blatant troll or have only interacted with me with the intent of a negative interaction, I won't be afraid to block though.-My negatives
-My mental & emotional health are very unstable in the sense that 1 week I can be doing well and grinding out my mods and the following 2 weeks I can fall into sense of depression and not do single thing besides watch Youtube or work my job and repeating this cycle.
-Occasional Harsh/Insensitive statements. I am working to improve this.-Stubbornness in the moment. I can be a stubborn person at times especially during arguments/disagreements. Typically afterwards, I will always reflect on it after the fact and adjust my stance accordingly.